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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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my Companion a few miles behind on
special business. 35 miles.

The Richness of the Soil between Buf-

and the Chenesee River has is no
way lessoned in my view by riding
through it at this time, but the first
Settlers will meet with a great trial
in the Summer Season from the In
-sects I have mentioned, but when the
Country becomes Settled, the low places
Cleared, and dry, that affliction will
I believe cease, for I saw very little stag-
-nated Water, -- much of this Country
is scarce of Springs, or streams of
Water, and what there is very much
fails in dry Seasons, so that its va-
-luableness will be greatly lessened


About noon John Peirce

arrived at
my Quarters, he having since I left him
had a full interview with Captain
, who is the superintendant of
the Indians for the united States, John
gave him a full information with of what