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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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we would try to make ourselves as hap-
-py as we could, and stay a few days long
-er, for he had a great desire we should
be with them at the Council, and see
that all things were settled fairly, then we
would be able to inform our friends at home
and if they were not settled fairly then we
could also inform our friends. It brought
a close exercise over our Minds to know what
was best to do, a number of the Indians
were collected, yet it looked likely it was
would be some time before all parties
would get together, as none of the White
people immeadeately concerned were
come. We let him know we would have
been glad to have attended the Council, but
it was now drawing towards the latter end
of the Week, and that the White people did
not do business on first day, that it was
not very likely that Captain Chapin

would not leave Canandarque before
2nd day Morning, and that it would be a
number of days before the Council
would meet, however we were willing