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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Closely to consider the subject it this Evening


Having attended to Cornplanters

-quest, of last evening, I felt my Mind
this Morning easy to move homewards, but
upon mentioning it to my Companion
he said he did not witness that clear-
-ness to set out he wished to experience
yet condescended if I thought best of
letting the Chief know, that upon
weighing his request in the best man-
-ner we could, We felt easy to move
homewards this morning; this infor-
-mation was given him by walking
down to his encampment, he with a
number of others pretty soon came up to
our lodgings, and let us know, he was
sorry we could not make our Minds easy
to have stayed a few days longer, no ways
doubting but Captain Chapin and others concerned
would be here to day; but perhaps
as we had been a considerable time fr
from home, and living was expensive,
we might be much run out of the means