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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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to see us, Cornplanter

enquiring after our
health since we left him, he gave us
a letter from our friends dated 5 days
after we came away, informing they
were well in health, and enjoyed a
peaceful Mind, that they had got their
Corn planted, and were preparing ground
for Popatoes, that there had been much
rain since we left them, and that the
gnats and Muschetoes were more trou-
blesome than heretofore.


having got some information that
we were a little uneasy about staying
as none of Robert Morris's Commissi-
-oners were arrived, he this Afternoon
>he took an Oppertunity with us, Observing
that he expected by this time we had seen
enough of the Wilderness to form know, that were
people were to be collected from diffi-
-rent parts to do publick business, it
required time, and he hoped if Cap-
-tain Chapin
should not arrive this evening to night,