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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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which is their pleasantest time for traveling in
the whole Year, they do their Carting and
traveling much with Sleds, the roads be-
-come smooth and good, there are no swam ps
or mud in the way, neither is the snow
often softened with rain in the Winter,
some seasons they have had very little or no
frost in the Ground; and as far as they have
tryed Cover, they say it does answers very well, not
being hurt in the winter, with frost.

About 9 O Clock this morning we took leave
of our kind, and Valued friends Asa Schooly

and Wife, with their children, hav-
-ing their, and many friends, hearty
Wishes for our safe return, stoped at
Daniel Pounds, a little while, then tak-
-ing our leave of them, and set of down
the Lake for Buffaloe, & arrived at the fer-
-ry about 12 where we found the Chief fer-
-ryman, so in Liquor as not to be fit to
take any Care, but a trusty Old man who
sometimes Assisted agreed to take us over,
the Wind was pretty high, and the River
ran swift, he concluded to lash two boats
together to keep the one our horse was were