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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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house on the spot this Afternoon at 2 O Clock
and Joshua Gilham

the friend who came do
down and another friend went on to give
the necessary information; we went on with
John Hill and Jeremiah More to Joshua Gilham s
12 miles, where we left our horses, and went over
to John Taylors and got our Dinner, thence
to the Meeting house, where we met with
most of the Men professions likely to Constitute
that Meeting, and I think I may say it was a
time of renewed favour, many Minds were
tendered, and the difficulties treated on in suc[h]
a Manner; that they appeared to be removed
to general satisfaction, and the work agreed
to be prosecuted, and the time fixed for go-
ing on with it. We felt well satisfyed we had
given up to attend, and friends expressed
great satisfaction with our being there,
& that they thought our Coming was Pro-
-vidential. They have purchased 10 Acre[s]
of Land of Samuel Taylor, part of which is
cleared, and the house is raised and nearly
shingled in, it is built of snug, round pine
Logs, about 20 by 22 feet square, -- I was muc[h]
pleased to see the faces of those we had laboured