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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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amongst last fall, and found the Committee
had left a sweet savour behind them, it
was the general expectation of friends
in Canada

that they would have been
again visited this Summer, but when they were
informed the Committee was not likely
to come, at least before the Yearly Meet-
-ing, it proved no small trial, however
they expressed great satisfaction that we had come
over the River, and that the sight of a Solid
friend did them good, it was some trial
to leave them so soon, as there was a ge-
-neral pressing for us to have stayed long-
-er, and we we had were loaded much love give us in charge with love to carry back
to their friends, particularly to such who
had visited them. We stoped and spent a
little time at Samuel Taylors, he has a re-
-ligious goodlooking Wife, then went to his
Father John Taylors and paid a short visit; and stoped & drank Tea
at Joshua Gilhams, then went to James
to Lodge, 22 miles today


A fine Morning, set of before sunrise, abou
about 100 Pearches above our Lodgings on