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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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here, in about one hour after, a friend from
the Short Hills

, came in, particularly
requsting that Jeremiah More and John Hill
would come up to their Assistance, a
difficulty having taken place respecting
a Meeting house they were building, so that
the Work was stoped, the friend was much
concerned about it, as was Jeremiah when he
heard the information, and they express-
-ed a great desire that we would go with
them, hoping that our assistance to accommo-
-date matters would be very usefull; we
had no prospect of going so far, and our
the time for our returning to Buffaloe, fix-
-ed, we felt cautious in any hasty result, but
let the friends know we would consider it
the request, and go in the morning with
them to John Hills, which was six miles on
the way, and where we had intened to have
gone. 24 miles


Set of early to John Hills

where we took
breakfast and on weighing their request felt
an engagement to go with them, and it was
agreed to meet all such as could be could be
notifyed who were concerned in building the