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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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believe had we stayed on the Rock at the
grand pitch one hour our Cloathes would
have been nearly wet through; we had now
a very fair prospect of the Water Shoot-
-ing over the Rock, and its desen descend-
-ing with very great rapidity in a per-
-pendicular direction 150 fifty feet, and
the foaming state of the River for many pearch
-es below, it was a trial and looked appeared dangerous
to go to the edge of the Rock, to look down; I
did it by going on my hands and knees,
and at the edge I found the Rock was
hollow under me for a number of feet
back, and not much above one foot
thick, I would have been glad to have
descended to the bottom of this pitch, but
we had no pilat, and there was no possibility
of getting down any where in view, nor as
I have understood short of half a mile down the
River and there, with great difficulty. After
staying about 20 minutes to view this Awful &
grand Scene, we return'd up the steep bank
with difficulty, and in four miles arrived at
Jeremiah Moores

, where we were kindly rece
recieved. In about an hour after we had got