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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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great falls, having about two miles back fer-
-ried the Chippaway River, the bridge being
broke, it said River is perhaps 100 yards Wide 10 or 12
feet deep with no perceptable Current.
at the falls I once more gratified my Eyes
in beholding this Wonderfull Phinomina
in nature, the appearance was truly
Solemn, and speaks a loud Language.
but as I have given a pretty circumstantial
account thereof in my notes when here last
fall, I think it not necessary to add, further
than we now went down a very steep bank
of 100 or more feet in hight to the Table Rock
, as it is called, which lies Horrizontal and
runs across the River, which bank we
we then thought not safe to descend when here before last fall
by reason of the sleet, or Ice that covered
the Hill, which sleet had collected from the
mist that ascended from the Voilent age-
-tation of the Water. It was now about
noon and a clear warm day, the fog that
ascended was abundantly less, than the
Cold morning I was here before, yet be-
-fore we got to the bottom of the bank
the bushes &c. became very wet, and I