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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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not experienced since we left Pittsburgh

, hav-
-ing for near four weeks slept on the ground
and on boards, in our blankets. 15 miles

10th and 1st of the week,

went to see John Cutler

s and
John Herits families this morning, our visit
was very acceptable, they being much pleased
to see us, we then attended the Meeting
held at Asa Schoolies, which was in a good
degree a solid, quiet oppertunity, tho te-
-dious in gathering, somewhere between
30 and 40 persons were collected, divers
of whom were hopefull Young Women.
we dined at Asa Schoolies, and in the
Afternoon, went to Joseph heavenes Haven’s &
then to Adam Burrells where among
a hopefull number of Young People we
had a refreshing time, and parted wit[h]
this family in near Affection, thence to Josep[h]
, who was a sweet spirited Wife, and
a number of hopefull Children, where we
lodged. 3 miles

10th [sic]

Set of early this morning to see friends down
the Mountain, as it is called, in 7 miles
we came on the Niagara River, thence down
the River close on its Margin 18 miles to the