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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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This Morning went 4 miles on the Beach down
the Lake and the River Niagara, which is
the outlet of said Lake, to the Narrows, wh
were we Crossed the River into upper Ca-

, it was ¾ of a Mile wide about 16 feet
deep, and a rough Strong Current, our
boat was narrow and tottering, and one
of the horses a little unruly so that we felt
thankful when we got safely on shore, we
then turned square to our left, up the
side of the River to the Lake, passing
by Fort Erie, then up the Margin of
the Lake on a fine firm beech that made
a beautiful Road 6 or 7 miles, then turning
square to our right in about 1 ½ miles ar-
-rived at Daniel Pounds, where we were
kindly received, and felt thankful, we
were once more among our friends. In
the afternoon we paid a visit to Joel Mor-
, who were much pleased on seeing us,
and in the evening went to our my Old home
when here last fall, and kind friends
Asa Schooly and Wife, who were truly
glad to see us, and we them, here we got
a clean good Bed, which was what we had