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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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that the Lake is gradually moving towards
the Southeast as most of the trees which
stand along its margin has the dirt washed
away from their roots for 3, 4, or more feet
deep, and so that they are dead & falling fast; and
I thought it was as visible when on the

shore opposite, that the Land was
gaining there. ---- We got to the Mouth
of Buffaloe before sunset, where we put our
saddles and Baggage into a boat wich which took
us over, and we swam our horses through the
River it being perhaps near 100 yards wide and
10 or more feet deep, here we met with a compa-
-ny of men who were going to run out Robert
late purchase of the Indians into
Townships, John Thomson an Old acquain-
-tance from Delaware County being one of the
head Surveyors, he kindly invited us to stay
all night with them, and directed a Tent to
be put up for us, we acknowledged his
kindness, and accepted his offer, after
feeding our horses we turned them out to
bare picking in an open bottom, we were kind
-ly entertained, with great symplycity, on
Bread, Fish, and Chocolate; we got a pretty
good nights rest, which we wanted being weary
having traveled 45 miles, no white inhabitant for the last 80 miles