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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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We have been holding ourselves in readiness
since six OClock this morning, having
our horses most of the time prepared ready to mo
mount with a few minutes notice, ex-
-pecting Cornplanter

and his Company
to have called on us, but it is now
near sunset and the have not made
there appearance, nor sent any no reason
why, so that we continue to find patience
a necessary Virtue to have in possession
we have had a few a light showers to day, but
a prospect of a beautiful Evening, &
a clear setting sun.


A very foggy morning with some
rain, both us and our horses have
been very much afflicted with a small
fly or gnat since we came on this River,
they are so troublesome particularly morn-
-ing and evening, that it is disagreeable
doing business out of doors, our young
men frequently made a smoke to fend
them of, the horses have been so bit
with them, that the thin parts of the
skin was all rise up in bumps. and
we were informed, that the Muschetoes