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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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-pect of a pretty pleasant day for traveling
and not knowing what Minute Cornplan-

and his Company would call on us, we
felt our Minds baptized at with the prospect
of a seperation, and sat down together
to take a parting Oppertunity, it was an
endearing time of retirement, wherein
the Canopy of divine Love was spread over
us, to the Contriting of our Spirits, and
a living travel was experienced, that
as the time was we nearly approached when we ex-
-pected to part, that Ancient good-
-ness might be near to them that stayed,
to Comfort, Strengthen, and preserve, in
their lonely Cottage, and ardious under-
-taking; which considering the many favours
we have experienced since we set out
on the presant business, there was
no Cause to doubt, but as they were tru-
-ly watchful, and attentive on their part,
would still be continued. -- And that
we who are going might still continue
to experience the Lords protecting Pow-
-er through a Solatary Wilderness, and
tedious Journey. ----