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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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and the large streams which run into
it. -- Since our coming into these parts
we have kept meetings twice a week, our
opportunity to day to felt like a parting meeting,
and a travel was experienced for the pre-
-servation of our Young Men whom we
expect Shortly to leave, it was a time where-
-in we witnessed our Strength renewed ----

Some days latterly has been warm yet the nights are
Cool, so that bedcloaths feels pleasant, since
our goods arrived John Pierce

and myself,
who are Bedfellows, have steadily had four
Blankets under us, and the same number
above, yet none to many. -- We have
had much Wet weather for a Week past,
so that we have been prevented as yet, from
setting the Plough to go, but if the weather
suits, hope to start it tomorrow, having
two Acres of Ground dearly ready. ----

The River has perhaps double the water in now
that it had some time ago, yet nearly as clear
as common. -- we have had to ad-
-mire the Quantity of fog that fills the
Atmosphere every morning, so that I do
not recollect seeing the Sun rise clear
since we came her. -- And as it has
been a rainy damp time latterly, Clouds of
fog are frequently rising out of the River.