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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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This day for the first time I under-
-took to wash some Shirts, tho we are
housekeeping, and all our goods are
come, yet we have neither Tub, nor Pail
not any Brass kettle so that our Conveniencies
for washing are few, my Shirts were very
dirty, yet I thought for a Young hand they
were done pretty Well.

3rd and 1st the Week,

Our Young Men were
all engaged in writing letters home, so
that it fell to my lot to do cook and do
the Kitchen Work. -- we are visited
every day by more or less of the Indians
who are much pleased with viewing va-
-rious kinds of our goods, which satisfaction
is increased by our giving them some little
matters. Two Indians, one being a Chief paid
us a visit this Morning, and we were being employ-
-ed in Writing and reading, and endea-
-voured to let them know that we did not
work on first day, tho we found it difficult
to make them sensible of the reason
why we cease there from, -- We shewed
them Howells Map of Pennsylvania,
with which they were much diverted
and seemed to understand it pretty
well, particularly the Allegeny River