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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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having a small quantity of Bears Oyl put
into the oven with it, and when part
baked the loaf was turned over with a
fresh supply of Oyl, we t this was all we
had set before us; they informed us they had no
meat, and we had heretofo shewn our dislike
to bread diped in Oyl; however with a
good Appatite it went down very well, but
before we had fully done a little butter was
set before us on the Table that they had obtained some
-where in the Village. -- We now got half
a £ of flour of Cornplanter

for which he
made no charge, and four Quarts of bears
Oyl of his wife, which she claiming as her
property charged us half a dollar a Quart,
these our Young men took up this evening with them
to Genesinguhta, together with what
Chocolate we had, this evening; leaving
John Pierce and myself here to wait the
arrival of our goods


In the council yesterday we informed the
Indians that John Pierce

and myself expected
in a few days to be at liberty in a few days
to leave them, and return to our families
and Friends; and since the concluding