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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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know it was by industry it Was obtained
the men doing their share of business
in the fields, &c thereby leaving the Wo-
-men more time to attend to spinning,
sewing, darying &c in the house.

We concluded with seriously impressing
on their Minds the remembrance, that
it was from the good Spirit they re-
-cieved every good thing, and that he
could hear every good Word they said,
and see every thing they did, and if they
were good, and industerous, this good
Spirit would love them, and bless them
with many good things. In a few minutes
after we had concluded, and informed them
we had done, Cornplanter

Observed, now
all things were done, and settled, we
will cover up the Council fire.

We had no provision of our own here,
therefore concluded to stay and dine with
the Chief, about five Oclock we had a
loaf of Warm Indian Bread with a mix-
-ture of Beans that had been boiled till
they were softish nea kneaded up in it
the Bread and baked that was set before us, the
bread had been was baked in a Dutch Oven