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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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of the Council we see nothing but what
we might set of in a day or two if our
goods were arrived come; we have not
heard any from of them since we left

, but hope they will shortly
arrive, as tomorrow closes the 18th day,
being the time stipulated for there delivery coming
here, -- Our situation is diffirent from
what it was when we were here al-
-together, we then had a room much
to ourselves, and cooked our own
Victuals, we now board with Corn-
, who uses us kind, and as
well as his house will afford, We have
>had Tea made of the Root of Sassifras, also
of an herb like fern, and thin cakes
of wheat Bread baked, or rather fryed
in a pan they eat very well, so that
we have no cause to complain of our
living if it was not for their dirt, and
their lice &c which try’s us. --- we enquir-
-ed Our road from Pittsburgh here, was
pretty much of a Northeast coarse, and