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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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other half; and we hope Brothers, you will
save some money you get from the White
People between now and that time; that
so you may have your share ready against
next spring; and we think you had bet-
-ter choose one of your Chiefs to keep this
Money for you, till the time it is wanted;
or perhaps your Money may be all gone,
for Whiskey or something that wont do you
so much good as a Mill would.

Brothers, we are also willing to encourage you
to take up work, and learn farming, by
agreeing to give some small premiums to
such of our Indian brothers, who are indus-
-terious and raise a good deal of Grain.

Brothers, we will give to every Indian Man
living on this River, who shall raise
25 bushels of Wheat or Rye, in one Year
on his own land not worked by white peo-
-ple the sum of two dollars.

2nd. For every 50 bushels of Corn raised by one
Man in like manner afforsaid, we will give
two dollars.

3rd. For every 50 bushels of Potatoes raised
by any one man in like manner aforsaid,
the sum of two dollars.