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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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do; and we hope Brothers, we shall con-
-tinue to be of one Mind about all the things
we have been speaking to you of.

Brothers, you know the place we have chosen
for our Young Men to begin upon, at Genisengh

, and we hope some some of your young men
will settle by them, and fence of lots for themselves
as they see them fence of theirs, & our young men
will be willing to assist and instruct them in work-
-ing their lots; And we think our young men will
will not be able to raise any more of their lot
this year, than what they will want for themselves
to live on; but we hope against another year
they will have a little to have; and we are willing
they should give to your old and inform people that
cant work, one bushel out of four of all the grain &c
they have to spare,

Brothers, in order to encourage you still more to
take up work like the White people and to
follow those ways we pointed out to you,
we will agree to help you a little more.

Brothers, we will send you Smiths Tools,
when our young shall Write us word you
stand in need of them.

Brothers, if you are industerous this Sum-
-mer and raise a good deal of Corn and
some Wheat, we will help you to build a Grist-
Mill next summer, if a suitable place can
be found for it; you must find half the Mo-
-ney to build this Mill, and we will find the