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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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apartment, that asigned us 30 feet
long, the other 24, and each 16 feet wide.
they are built of Round Logs, or Poles,
let in close together, the net Chunked
or plaistered, so that we found our
end pretty open and cold enough before
morning, upon our informing the Chief
they had better make their Houses titeer,
plaistering up the Cracks, he replyed
if they made their Houses too warm,
they would not like to leave them when
Winter came to go a hunting. along
each side of these Houses, from the door
to the opposite end, ran Births, or
Seats, they were about four feet wide
and one foot high, they were covered
with Boards, and on these Deer-
skins were spread, and these were
their Beds, they also make a pretty
good Seat, and are always ready,
over these Births, about five feet
high, are Shelves of the same width
of those the births beneath, which serve to put