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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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as to provision looked a little gloomy, ou
our Boat is not being expected up in less than
9 or 10 days from this date, but upon Corn-

informing, that he had several three
Barrels of flour in his House, that
he brought up from Pittsburgh, and
when ever we got out of meat, on lit-
-ting him know, he would supply us; we
felt relieved. We agreed with Cornplan-
-ters sister to supply us with three Quarts
of Milk a day at 8 Per Quart York Cur-
-rency, but she presenly let us know
two quarts was as much as she could
spare. We also got one pound of but-
-ter, such as it was, of her, at 2/. The Chief gave us
some Sugar, and some we purchased of
the Indians at 1/6 Per Lb. we have a pret-
-ty Comfortable House much to ourselves, Corn-
has two Houses they stand about
10 feet apart, tho Roofed over between as the o
other parts of the House which is with
Bark, this Space between the Houses serves
for an entry, and a place to pound their
Corn under put their Wood &c. out of
this entry a door opens into each apart