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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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their Kitchen furniture, Corn &c upon,
the fire is built on the ground in the
Middle of the House, this part between
the births not being floored; there is a large
hole left in the Top of the Roof for
the Smoke to go out at, which hole
makes a pretty good Window. -– As
far as I have observed the above descrip-
-tion answers for most of their Houses, tho
they are not so large, nor double, like this, they
are mostly from 12 to 15 feet Square,
with a shed before the door, there
are perhaps 30 such houses in this Village

and a number more down the River
out of Sight, and some above, the
Houses are beautifully situated on
the West side of the River, which
is about 150 Yards wide and glides
along by the town with a gentle current.
the bank of the River is low, tho gra-
-dually asscends to there Houses, which are
mostly within 6 or 7 pearchs so that they
readily supply themselves with Water