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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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wanted to plant, and upon informing
him so we were answered, that we
must take them all, for they were
sent in for that purpose.


We are now our own Cooks, dishwashers &c
Lining on our provisions that we brought with us
from Pittsburgh

and Franklin, Cornplanter ear-
ly informed us early after our arrival how that
they were scarce of Corn, occationed as he
said by an uncommon overflow of the
River last Spring, sometime after their
Corn was come up, and by an early Frost
in the Fall. When enquiring for meat
Bacon at Pittsburgh to send up in the
boat, we were informed that it was unne-
-cessary to carry send meat here, for there
was a plenty in this place, however
we thought but not best to trust to an un-
-certainty, and have therefore 120 Lb
of Bacon coming up in the Boat. upon
enquiry since we came here, we find me
meat is not to be Obtained, about one
pound of dryed meat, and four pounds
fresh is all we got of the Indians while
amongst them, so that the prospect of things