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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Feeling an engagement of Mind to
Join John Pierce

in a Visit to the Indian
natives of this Land, after some close exer-
-cise of Mind on the Occasion, I gave up:
and on the 30th day of the 4th Mo 1798, after
a comfortable Opportunity in my fami-
-ly, several friends being present, I took
an Affectionate farewell of them, and a-
-bout one O clock in the afternoon set
of in Company with John Pierce, and
Henry Simmons, in order to pursue a
Journey to the Northwest parts of this,
and New York State, to assist in form-
-ing a Settlement among the Indians, for
their improvement in Agriculture, and
more of a Civilized Live, we stopped and
took some refreshment at John Truman’s,
and Lodged at Isaac Taylors. 22 miles