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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joseph Moore's Journal

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Set out and rode up the beautiful beach on
the lake shore, about ten miles, to what is called the
Sugar Loaf

, a point of land extending out in the
lake, with a remarkable round hill, at a distance re-
sembling a sugar loaf. Here we visited seven fami-
lies, and returned in the evening to our friend Asa


With divers other Friends, we went about
twelve miles to esquire Powell

's, where we had a
large public meeting of Friends and others, to much
satisfaction to ourselves, and I believe it was so to the
auditory. They behaved quiet, and with becoming
decency. After which many Friends took leave of
us in much love and tenderness, and departed to
their several homes. We dined with the squire, be-
ing freely and liberally entertained. Afterwards I
rode about four miles to the fort, and went on board
the Dunmore on a small errand, with our friend Wil-
liam Lundy
, who having heard of our being here,
came about twenty miles to see us, and was at the
meeting to-day. In the evening went to our friend
Benjamin Willson's — leaving the other Friends at
Powell's. John Elliott had been very poorly with
the ague and fever — am fearful he will hardly be
able to ride very soon, which is now a great trial to
us, being very desirous to move towards home --

Having had the two public meetings above mention-
ed, and visited most of the families and Friends in
this country, to wit, Asa Schooley

,Joseph Havens ,
Obadiah Dennis, Abraham Webster, John Cutler,
John Hill, Benjamin Hill, Jeremiah Moore, (Abra-
ham Laing
, and Benjamin Canby, single men) John
, Joshua Gillam, Joseph Marsh, Adam Bur-
, Daniel Pound, William Lundy, Thomas Rice,