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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joseph Moore's Journal

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number of Friends and friendly people, in and about
this neighborhood, before we set out for home;
which seemed annexed to my concern in coming
forth to this country, to attend the proposed treaty
with the Indians.


First of the week. We held a public meet-
ing, and visited a few families — towards evening,
got to Asa Schooley's

, where John Parrish came to
us. Here we lodged.


John Elliott

came to us this morning — so
that we are now all together again. We went to John
's, son-in-law to Asa Schooley, had a sitting
there and returned to Asa's — there had a solid op-
portunity with his family and the family of John
, together; — after which, went to Daniel
's and lodged.


We held a public meeting at Joseph Ha-

's, which was large and favoured; at the close,
we had a select opportunity with such as profess
with Friends, a number of them being members, to
whom some interesting matters of advice were com-
municated. Upon the whole, we thought it a very
solid and profitable opportunity, many hearts being
tendered; for whom, in their lonely situation, we
were brought into near sympathy. We parted from
them in much love. John Parrish and myself went
to Ezekiel Dennis's, up the side of Lake Erie about
six miles, to point Ebino, where we were kind-
ly entertained and lodged. I think when the meet-
ing was select as above mentioned, there was in the
whole, young and old, about forty — many decent
looking young people, with innocent countenances,
were present; on account of whom I felt much con-
cern for their religious and school education.