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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joseph Moore's Journal

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poorly since his arrival in town. Neither he nor
John Parrish

was at meeting on seventh-day. Jacob
, William Savery and myself were there,
and glad to see each other again in that place; and
many friends expressed their gladness at our safe


The weather dry and warm, the roads very
dusty. This morning felt better. Leaving my horse
here, I rode into town with my friend John John-

, in a chair -- attended two sittings of our Yearly
Meeting, which was much smaller than usual. Our
friend Nicholas Wain, was again chosen clerk for
the present year; and the business went on in much
brotherly love and concord — a good degree of so-
lemnity and weight attending. I lodged at Thomas


The weather much the same. I continue
tolerable well in health; but weak and some cough.
Attended the meeting as yesterday. Dined at N.

's, and lodged at John James's.

26th, and fifth of the week.

The meeting assem-
bledagain at nine o'clock, and the business conclu-
ded before twelve, in solemn quiet, and, I believe,
to the satisfaction of all present. After which, I
dined with my friend David Bacon

, and returned to
Germantown with my kind friend, John Johnson,
who had also attended all the sittings of this Yearly
Meeting. The sickness in town continues as here-
tofore. Divers friends in the city are paying con-
stant attention to the sick — providing necessaries,
nurses, coffins, and carriers of the dead. At which
I felt glad, and hope they will be rewarded for their
labours in so great and charitable a work.