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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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The Kasqueasquias, or Illinois — in general, on
the Illinois river, and between the Wabash
and Mississippi, 600 The Peankeshaws — on the Ouabache, 250 The Ouachtenons, do 400 The Kikapous, do 300 The Shawnese — on the Sciota, 500 The Delawares — west side Ohio, 300 The Miamis — on the Miami river, falling into
Lake Erie — and the Miniamis, 350 The Upper Creeks, back of Georgia — the Mid-
dle Creeks
, behind West Florida — and the
Lower Creeks, in East Florida, 4000 The Canitas — on the east of the river Aliba-
mous, 700 The Alibamous — west of the Alibamous, 600 The Arkansawas — on the Arkansaw river, fall-
ing into the Mississippi, on the west side, 2000 The Anjoues — north of the Missouri, 1000 The Paddoneas — west of the Mississippi, 500 The White Panis— south of Mississippi, 2000 The Freckled Panis, do 2000 The Cansas, do 1600 The Osages, do 600 The Grand Eaux, do 1000 The Missouri — on the river Missouri, 3000 The Sioux of the Woods — towards the heads
of the Mississippi, 1800 The Sioux of the Meadows, do do 2500 The Blancs Barbus, or White Indians with
beards, 1500 The Assiniboils— far north, near the lake of
the same name, 1500 The Christaneaux, do do do 3000