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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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The Ouisconsins — on a river of that name, that
falls into the Mississippi, on the east side, 550 The Mascoutins — south of Pecans Bay, 500 The Sakis, do do 400 The Michecouakis, do do 250 Folle Avoini, or the Wild Oat Indians--near
Puans Bay, 400 The Puans — near Puans Bay, 700 The Powtowatamis — near St. Joseph's river
and Detroit, 350 The Messesaques, or River Indians — being wan-
dering tribes on the Lakes Huron and Su-
perior, 2000 The Ottahwas — near Lake Superior and Mi-
chigan, 900 The Chipawas, do do do 5000 The Wyandots — near Lake Erie 300 The Iroquois, or Six Nations — frontiers of
New York, 1500 The Round Headed Indians — near the head of
Ottahwa river, 2500 The Algonquins-near the above, 300 The Nepessins, do 400 The Chalas — St. Lawrence Indians, on the
back of Nova Scotia, 130 The Amelestes, do do do 550 The Miemacks, do do do 700 The Abenaquis, do do do 350 The Canawayhunas — near the falls of St. Lewis, 200 Total, 58680

This being the number of men fit for bearing
arms; to which add about one-third that number, old
and superannuated — the amount of which number