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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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on the 7th. The Yearly Meeting of Ministers and
Elders began next day:


It was thro' the Course of it's Sittings
& the Sittings for business in the next Week a time of suffer-
ing to me; & I believe I had brethren and Sisters in like Situation,
not perceiveing the Truth to rise into hight & dominion. I had a
little Strength to discharge my trust in the way I am led, in speak-
ing among the Select Members on the liberal use of Wine and smo-
king Tobacco; this was in the first sitting, and I believe was not
rejected by a remnent, after which I bore my burden mostly in si-
lence through the Sittings. O Lord, be pleased to keep my head
above the Waters, & leave me not in the most trying Seasons, wch
thou mayest permit to come, and then my soul shall bless and praise
thy adorable Name.


Perceiving my mind drawn to endeavour if I can to attend
the yearly Meeting

in North-Carolina, I left Baltimore (having
(company provided) and went thro' a storm to a poor little Meeting
at Elk-ridge. That afternoon & next day reached to Alexandria
in Virginia, and had a large meeting in the evening: where divine
favour was witnessed; & I believe the Truth was over all.


Passing forward to Roen Oak

I had a Meeting there, or was at Meeting
there on first day, at which were a large number of black People
who sat solidly: On discoursing after meeting with several of
them, I found the manner they are treated as to food, Clothing & otherwise