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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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1796. 9th mo, 10th.

About this time there was were many sickly, a number of whom
I visited. One woman being in great distress of mind, expressed her-
self after this manner, (expecting her stay on earth would not be long)
I did not think I had been so great a sinner until now. May it
serve as a warning to many: I have heard piercing lamentations
near their End, from others before I heard this womans expressions: The
cry of some has been, Alas! Alas! What shall I do. O the benefit of rightly
making use of precious time.


My certificate was sign'd by a large number of my friends, and at
our quar.ly Meeting

it was indorsed with approbation of friends there.


After that I prepared for my journey: tho' at times I was under great
poverty of spirit; had the company & sympathy of several friends
who came to See us; and in the midst of my exercised, I feel the Lord
near for my strength and Support, Blessed be his name, who is the God of
Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob.

4th. of 10th mo.

Now I had to take an affectionate leave again of my dear wife
and all my outward connections, in obedience to the Master's call, as
I believe, and though poor in Spirit, was favourd with a sweet calm.
I crossed the Delaware to Philadelphia

, proced'd by Wilmington,
towards the Susquehanna river; When I crossed the ferry there two
black men who were Slaves took me over: my mind enclined to pay
them also, after paying ferriage to their Master. I reached to Bal-