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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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1796. 12th. mo. 9th

This morning we proposed to leave Rawlegh

. My companion had bought
him a new horse, who was rather wild, & threw him after he mounted,
at which I was concern'd fearing he was hurt; & could not proceed with me,
but through favour we found he was not so much hurt as we had expected
and we travelled near forty Miles that day; & the two days following
so much as to make near 150 to Core sound.

The 13th,

we met with the
Ministers & Elders of that Monthly Meeting

, to confer on the Subject of
visiting their families, which was united with, and two friends agreed to
join me in the service; which we proceeded in, and in less than four days
visited about 14 families, mostly to good satisfaction, besides attending
their Meeting at Coresound, (which is near the Sea-Coast).


We had af
ter that a comfortable & satisfactory Meeting

there, amongst our friends
by themselves; in which we were favoured with a measure of the
Divine Presence owning us together. Here is a hopeful number of
youth of both Sexes; and their appearance more in the Simplicity
as to their Dress & otherwise: their apparel (I mean the Womens) was
mostly Homespun, no black silk Cloaks nor Bonnets among them, I was
comforted in their Company & parted with them in near love and fel-
lowship; after which visited two other Families, & went on to my friend
Horton Howards, whose Wife lay ill with the Consumption; I perceived her
to be innocent, laying in a quiet frame of mind, as nearly fit to leave
the World.