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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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Visited several families, & had a Meeting in Sl. Sleepers

Grist Mill,
pretty large, but long in gathering, which hurt the service; it ended
well. The people for quiet orderly sitting were remarkable.


We went to see some families, two of which were my eldest Sis-
ters daughters, they live at Otego

: Also had a Meeting about eight
miles up the creek at Nicho.s Coggeshal's, remarked for a time of
favour. A deacon of the Baptist Society at the conclusion, said
he could say, Amen, to the testimony which was preached; that not
a word had been spoken but what he united with; and altho' he
was old, he never had been at a friends' meeting before. I then
return'd to my beloved friends near Otego, named John Brightman,
John Matthewson & Isaac Carr, who had Families; with others there
who I think deserve the notice of friends: These have suffered
much by the misconduct of some (as before hinted) who proved dishonest,
and as stumbling blocks to tender enquirers.


We had a farewell Meeting in Sleeper

's barn; satisfactory.
This being a time near our parting, we visited other families:
some with tears expressed their Sorrow at our leaving them. -
Here are some tender-spirited little Ones, who felt near and dear,
whose Condition for reasons aforesaid hath been trying.


I was this day in a low state of mind: Rode to Cooper's-town

on the east end of Otego; a Spot beautiful for Situation. Here
unexpectedly, we were kindly received by Wm. Cooper, then Judge
of the Court, & his sister , altho' Strangers. He queried whether I stood