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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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better: This is cause of grief to many as well as myself,
tho' I do not see I have any further to do in the Place.

5th mo. 31st.

Next day I left New-York

, as one having none Inheritance on earth;
travelled about 40 miles to Croton River, and had a pretty
large meeting that evening on Short Notice, which proved reviving, and satis-
factory, believing it ended to the honor of Truth.

6th. mo. 1st

I went about 40 miles further to a friend's House near the
North River: and the next day, was at their week day Meet-
at Swago

, which was small, yet in measure favored; after
which I visited an aged friend under bodily affliction: of body
but in a heavenly frame of mind: Who, although his Pain was
great, refused the taking of Laudanum as a medicine, lest it
might tend to stupify his Senses, near the close of Life, by it's
benumbing Effects; I much approved of his religious Caution herein:
fully believing it has often been handed out by Doctors in an unrigh-
teous manner; which in some instances may injure the clear
understanding of departing Souls, in their last Moments.

I am informed by a friend who says he had it from the
Mouths of two merchants in N. York

who were in Partnership, That
in the Summer of last year, they imported from the East Indies
Teas, and Silks: on which the duties which were to be paid, amounted
to more than one hundred thousand Dollars. And as it is
said much of those Duties goes towards defraying the expences of
War, I do not see How friends can consistent with a clear testimony
to that pure principle which stands against all cruelty and
bloody measures, freely purchase and use the Goods, on which such Duties