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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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In a following sitting of Ministers & Elders the same
concern was strengthened by others and friends in the city & country closely ad
vised to attend to the Contents of what was taken on minute at the former
Sitting. The Bow seemed (as I believed) to be at this season, renewed &
strengthened by the Lord's Power, in the hands of some little Ones,
who had to shoot their Arrows against the Queen of Pride. I did not
find my self clear without also hinting my exercise on the growing Custom
of friends having fine Carpets, and flowery Things in their rooms; which
I believed were not brought into use by the dictates of simple Truth, and that
a number of such matters might well be spared, and thus help might be
administerd towards warming and covering many of the Poor.


The Yearly Meeting

ended the 28th with a publick Meeting.
I was exceedingly stripped that Evening; having to confess with the
Prophet of Old, "I am a Worm, and no man." So great was my poverty
that I feared I should murmur; there seeming to be no sense of good left.
But I tried to get into quietude, therein to know what further the
Lord had for me to do.

Next day being the first of the Week, there
were held 3 meetings in the City

: The last of which was appointed
for the Youth of all descriptions: These were large and I
thought ended well, yet not so highly favoured as some have been.

Here I parted with my beloved Friends J. Wigham

and M. Routh.
each turning to our own Allotments in the Master's work, John, to
Long-Island, Martha to the Northern Meetings in this Govern-
ment, and I towards the Genesee Country & Upper Canada.


Musing on the State of Things, I fear'd that since the late
mortality, The People in this City are grown rather Worse than