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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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At one Sitting of the select Meeting, on 4th day morning, The truth
appeared to have comfortable dominion: My mind in the liberty thereof was
emboldened to inform my brethren and Sisters of my exercise on observing a
custom to prevail in the City

which I thought was not right; and if I differed from
all my friends in Sentiment I hoped I might be excused; It was that of employ-
ing men to do women's Work in houses, &c: That I did not doubt there being wo-
men enough, healthy, & capable of business if their minds were applied
thereto, to do all that was necessary in Families: And as provisions were dear,
and men's labour high rated, they had better be imployed in the fields, or
out door business, than at Womens work; If the young Women were to be
brought up in a course of family industry, and to rise early in the
morning, I believed it might contribute to health, and tend to fit many of
them better for business, & the managing houshold affairs, if they should
come to need that, than if brought up in an easy delicate Manner: having
seen some such in my time who have been reduced to great hardship and
unable then to minister to their own necessities; and perhaps there may
be instances of this kind proceeding out of Families where men had
been employ'd to do women's Work, and children indulged in a delicate idle
life. Tho' my testimony on this head seemed to go hard with some
to whom it might seem applicable, Yet I found it had the concurrence
of many friends who expressed unity therewith. It was also proposed by
one friend that a Minute of the substance of the concern be taken on
their book which was also agreed to. -- This was a memorable time, the
Power of Truth in dominion, lofty Spirits chained down, the rich &
great having to submit to the simple discipline prevalent in the present sea-