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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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The Yearly Meeting

of Ministers and Elders began, at wch
were our Friends John Wigham and Martha Rowuth from Europe, with
others out of other Parts; a second sitting thereof was in the afternoon,
low times to me: I thought many of us were got into a state of easy
indulgence in many things, and are not soon to be removed from
Beds of Ease: I tried at it a little, yet not to much purpose. I hinted
that the benefit & well ordering of this large Yearly Meeting, wou'd
much depend on the wise Conduct of those in high Stations: guarding
well their own Example & Conversation, and then watching over younger
People carefully; checking their going on formal visits from house
to house; that if favoured to receive a little good, they might lose it's Sa-
vour, or learn bad fashions or unprofitable Customs, by getting into Com-
panies, and indulging Vanities, so as to be in danger of returning
from such a Solemnity worse than when they came to it: That of sitt-
ing up late in the Evenings, & laying in bed late in the mornings I had also to
mention my belief, it was unprofitable for Body and Soul. I thought
this kind of Doctrine seemed rather hard or close for me to deliver
among Brethren & Sisters of high rank in a large City, and though
lately visited with alarming mortality, I fear too many are not enough


The meeting of Business began, which in most of it's Sittings
seem'd times of exercise, the Stream being low, as I thought; Members being
too generally tinctured more or less with a Worldly Spirit, know not the
proper value of the precious Truth, & thus become captivated,
barren & dwarfish.