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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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to take leave of me, with tears trickling down: my tears also were min-
gled with theirs. It truly was a comfortable time. A more solid mee-
ting, or greater attention, I think I never saw before at any time
or place, than what was observable here on this occasion.

Next day, travelling to Rahaway

, I thought none had to feel
more of inward poverty than poor me: yet as the Lord is not wanting
to assist his devoted ones in the needful time, there is no cause
for murmuring.


At a kind friends house, there was sent in the afternoon a fine
riding waggon with nice horses, for that friends wife and me to
ride in to visit her mother and some others. I told her I had no ob-
jection to going, yet was not free to ride in that carriage, nor
with such Horses; but I could go on foot, and she might ride in it,
as a late rain caused the roads to be wet & unpleasant walking.
This was a trial to us both, as she appear'd to be a good spirited
woman: but I believed it best for me to hold forth my testimony
for simplicity, and lowly mindedness.


I was at Raha-

Monthly Meeting, and at an evening Meeting appointed by my
Friend J. S. held here; These seemed to be laborious Seasons
though attended by many friends on their Way to Yearly Meeting at N. Y.ork
Reaching to that city next day, I was somewhat comforted: many
Friends kindly came to see me.