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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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a Formalist, whose Eyes, I thought were blinded by the God of this
world. I told him in Substance, nearly on this Wise, that it grieved me to think, that while a remnent were
trying to prevail with Young people & others to come into the Practice of
more plainness and true moderation consistent with the simplicity of our
Profession, those in high Station for worldly interest, should be keeping,
and holding up Articles & Things for Sale as a temptation to others to
branch out in purchasing, to deck themselves with Superfluities, &c.


In about three days after this time I reached to my own habita-
tion again after a journey which took up near eight Months: and
in which I had to travel about 4,000 Miles; and have now cause
to praise & magnify the Name of the Lord, who in a marvellous man-
ner prepar'ed my way, & carried me through; and now vouchsafeth
the Sense of a reward which is sufficient for all my Trials & Labours;
That of finding my Wife & near Connections alive & in pretty
good health was esteemed by me an additional Cause for
humble thanksgiving.

12th. mo. 5th.

At our select Quarterly Meeting

, my mind was closely exer-
cised concerning superfluities that appear; and particularly
I had to mention large Looking-glasses; whether having them
in friends houses was not one cause of keeping pride alive in the
hearts of those who spend time in standing before them to view their
dress, and to have all appear delicate & nice; and whether such scrupulous