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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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Travelling homewards about 30 miles, I had in the Evening at a
Friends house some edifying conversation: I fear it is too often other-
wise, and that the Cause of Truth is at times hurt, and perhaps honest enqui-
rers stumbled, and friends weakened, when they come together, by light
conversation on worldly, or trifling Subjects. Had a Meeting at
Rob.t Randel

's house, which was thought to be solid and comforting,
as well as pretty large.


Next at Ammawock

, had a large Meeting in
the forenoon, which was exercising: and in the afternoon another at Cole-
; This was a comfortable heart-tendering season, wherein many eyes
dropped tears. Blessed be the Name of the Lord, who helpeth.


I likewise had pretty large Meeting in the forenoon at Shappaqua

where Life was not permitted to rise high; And another in the after-
noon at Isaiah Quimby's, which was more Satisfactory.


Coming on to New-York

, I was on first day, fore, and afternoon
at Meeting with my friends there, which I thought were the most
afflicting Meetings I had sat in for some time: It was near the close
of a season of Mortality wherewith that city had been visited; which
should have produced humility, turning peoples' minds from the pursuit of
earthly riches, to that treasure which is durable: But to my grief, I was
afraid the inhabitants (when the late rod was withdrawn) too many were
turning, like the Sow, to that of wallowing in the mire again.


Next day I visited a few families in the City

, and had close conversation