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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Journey

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1st of the Tenth month [1799.]

We all attended a confer-
ence before appointed to be held at Friends' meeting-
house in Pelham township

, otherwise the Short Hills,
with the members of said meeting and the Friends of
Black Creek, which was conducted with great solem-
nity. In this conference I was more fully convinced
that there is a small number of seeking, religiously
minded Friends in both places, and that if they
abode in the patience and perseverance, the way
would open ere long for the establishment of a
monthly meeting amongst them. But the rest of my
brethren believed the time was already come; so,
after expressing my doubts of their being fully ripe
to be entrusted with the executive part of our Disci-
pline at this time, I freely submitted my feelings to
the judgment of those whom I esteem to be deeper
in the religious experience. It was then agree to
open a new monthly meeting to-morrow at eleven
o'clock, to be known by the name of Pelham Monthly
in Upper Canada, to be composed of Friends
of Pelham and Black Creek and to be held alternately
at each place the first Fourth day in every month.


Attended the opening of the new monthly
meeting, it being a favored opportunity, which re-
vived a hope that if this small number of Friends
composing said meeting keep in humility and
steady attention to the best direction, their number and
experience may so increase that the testimony of
truth may be supported amongst them. After meet-
ing took leave of our kind friends near the meeting-
house and rode five miles to our friend, Samuel

's, who is a member of said meeting and who
kindly entertained six of us, Joshua Sharples staying
at James Crawford's.


Thomas Stewardson

, James Cooper, Jacob
, and myself set off, intending for Newark
down the Niagara River. Dined at Queenstown, the
landing where all the goods conveyed thus far by