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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Journey

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him. We then returned to Jeremiah Moore

's, where
we met with the rest of our company; had a solid
conference among ourselves respecting the nature
of our appointment, which hath felt increasintly
weighty. Four of us lodged here, to wit: Nathan
, Thomas Stewardson, Joshua Sharples, and my-


Joshua Sharples

went along with James
to see a friend. Nathan, Thomas, and myself
visited two families who are a little inclined to the
Methodists, and returned to Moore's to dinner. In
the afternoon pad some social visits, and lodged at
the same place, which at present is a temporary home.

29th, and the first of the week.

Attended Friends'
meeting at their usual time and place. After meeting,
walked four or five miles along with Nathan Smith

to Samuel Becket's, where Nathan had appointed a
meeting to being at four o'clock, to which the neigh-
bors and many of the Firends from about their meet-
ing house came, and which I hope was a time of prof-
itable instruction to some of them. On taking a view
of the earnest desire which many of them have to
attend such places, the compassionate feelings of my
heart were very much awakened, especially for their
women, many of them going four or five miles on
foot, some of them with young children in their arms
and others in such a state that I should have thought
scarcely fit to travel far on horseback; yet they would
and did walk faster than was easy for me, and re-
turned to their homes in a dark night, the men car-
rying lighted torches in their hands to show them
the way along their muddy and rooty roads. Lodged
at the same place.


Spent part of the day agreeably with some
of our friends; also had a solid opportunity with a
man who we believed had taken imagination for rev-
elation, which had led him into some strange acts
and predictions. I hope his state was so clearly
opened and laid home to him that it may be of use
to him. He acknowledged he had been deceived and
followed a lying spirit. In the evening five of us re-
turned to my lodging.

[To be Continued.]