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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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our journey many al
settlements we have passed thr
have not saw one Indian the Last
intoxicated with Liquor --


Breakfasted by invitation with Joseph

who promis'd to send on a Surveyor
in a few days to run of the Farm at Tunesassa.

He took us up stairs to see a curious Clock
of his Fathers invention - which stood in the
Center of a room - had 4 faces made several
kinds of Music & represented the Sun, Moon,
Earth with several Planets performing
their Annual & Diannal revolutions at
act periods as the move in the heavens -
bout 8 Oclock we left Batavia

Jacob Taylor who had accompanied us
traveling by way of Genesee Conesteo
house, Newberry - Muncy
Harrisburgh & Lancaster 2
ne on the fourth of the 10th
about noon haveing
way 34 days and traveld
putation about 820 Miles