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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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tendant of Indian Affairs
his home, Who appears to be a
ty Man & much disposd to promote
the Indians welfare - He invited us
into his room, to spend the evening &
entertaind us Cheerfully converseing
about Indian affairs, tho in a very
weak state of health --

He gave us a satisfactory account of the
Tonewanta Indians, that they were progress-
ing in Agriculture, and last season most
of them had rais'd wheat; also said the
Indians at Buffalo Creek

were becoming
more Sober and some of them more
Industrious -- He also spoke of the satis-
faction he had in visiting the Indians
at Allegany in the Course of the last
Summer & seeing the improvements
they had made; & said he thought it
had a stimulating influence on the Seneca
generally to become more acquain-
ted with Agriculture -- that he had
endeavoured to animate the Indians
at Buffalo by telling them their Brothers