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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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As our desires for the wel-
fare of all our Indian Brothers are
Strong, we want to speak a few words
more in your Ears -- We have seen
that many of the Indian Tribes have
been much hurt by the use of Whisky
and Other Strong drink, & we wish
to encourage you to take up strong
resolutions to quit the practice of
drinking it as some of your brethren
the Senecas

have done - By drinking
much Whisky you spend your Money
your Skins and many other things
which you might buy tools to go to
farming with & also supply yourselves
with Cattle and Other useful Animals -

While you continue to drink
Whisky & other strong drink, you can not
expect to improve your land, or to live
comfortable but if you leave of this
practice, you will then be able to pro-
vide yourselves a more comfortable
Liveing & being Sober & industrious
The Great Spirit will be pleased with
you & do you good ---