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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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in a much better condition than
they were before they began to be so
Industrious --

As we passed along thro' your
Town we were very thoughtful about
you, and we want you should open your
ears and listen to our talk --

We don't want any thing from you, but we
wish to encourage you to take up work, &
to pursue those good ways we will point
out to you which will make your lives
more comfortable ---

You know that Game is Getting
scarce and sometimes in the year you
have no certainty of procureing a liveing
by hunting - how necessary then is it
for you to learn to work and raise plenty
of Corn and other good things that will
grow out of the Ground -- you may
also raise plenty of Cattle & Swine
which will be much more certain than
the Deer and the Bear ---