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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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As we apprehended some advantage
might arise from takeing some notice
of the Muncy Indians

who live near
the Senecas & no oppertunity likely to
offer to meet them in Counsel we conclu-
ded to write a short address and leave
with Jacob Taylor to read and explain to
them on his return, accordingly this
evening the following was agreed upon
for that purpose ----

To the Chiefs and others of the Mun-
cy Village of Indians setled near the Catarau
-gus River
Friends and Brothers

As we have
been on a visit to the Indians at Alegany
and also to see your near neighbours the

at Cataraugus, we feel such strong
desires for your welfare that we want
to say a few words to you tho we cannot
at this time meet you in Counsel --

It is now several years since
we first began to encourage the Seneca

Nation of Indians to Cultivate their
land - and some of them have hearken
ed to our advice, and tell us they are